Friday, 26 September 2014

Try Graze Box for Free!

Good Evening!

I just got my weekly graze box in the post. This week I had 3 boxes of flapjacks and their new beef jerky. Normally their is more variety, in fact I thinking getting 3 flapjacks was a mistake but I'm not complaining!

With my box I also got a code that I could share with you guys so you can get a free box to try for yourselves. If you like your box then you can pay £3.99 a box and get you 5th and 10th box free too!

The code is VXT9JW2VB


V Inspired! Get involved!

Just a quick one.

I was on my bloglovin and came across this post by Yasmin@Twenty one press about being a team leader with V inspired. She is looking for volunteers in Manchester to join her team so if you are near by you should get in contact with her.

I went to the V inspired website and absolutely loved the concept of have youth leaders lead a team to make a difference in there community. I'm going to get involved, either as a leader (although it might be a bit late for applications) or just by joining a team.

If you want to get involved and are in the UK head over to their website now to learn more!

Have a great day!

P.S. this is not a sponsored post.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

WANTED: Guest blogger!

I know my blog isn't live yet but just from spending a few days going on other blogs and interacting with them I have realised the cooperative community that the blogging world is!

So on that note I wanted to see of there was anyone out there who wanted to write a post for my blog as a one time guest blogger. 
I don't mind about your age, gender or anything else like that, I also don't mind if you have loads of experienced or just starting out.

I would love to properly get involved with the blogging world so we can all help each other out. 
If you are interested please send me your blog post proposal and a little bit about yourself to

Also I would love to try guest blogging as well so if you have a blog or knows someone who has and would be interesting in having a guest blogger I would love to here from them. 

Have a great great!