Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas is Coming! Best Start getting ready...

Is anyone else in shock that it is the 1st of December today! This year I am more organised for Christmas than I ever have been before but I still have a lot to do over the next 25 days. The one thing I have definitely sorted out for 2014s festive season is the Enjoying Today Christmas Series, which will have a new installment every Sunday from now until Christmas Day.
For number one I thought I would talk about things that you need the most time to do- Crafts! I have three Christmassy ideas and two tutorials, including the much anticipated ribbon wreath tutorial.

First up- Mini Christmas house/ sweet holder.

Each year at work we are given something really obscure and are told to make something festive out of it. This year we were given strange wooden blocks that used to hold felt shapes. They are only about 10x7cm, but we were allowed to have as many as we wanted. After much pondering I opted for a Christmas House in a winter wonderland, with just 10 days, a scrap bucket of fabric and a £3 maximum spend budget this is what I created!

I used Vialine Buckram (not sure on the spelling, apologies if it is incorrect) for the roof and two short sides with the long sides being the wooden blocks. The Vialine Buckram is iron on so I just ironed on some fabric that had a wood paneled pattern; when you iron it, it can be bent into shape, so I folded the roof section in half so it stood up and left it to cool in place on top of the house. I didn't attach it to the house itself so that I could use it to keep sweets in, the roof over hands so that it can sit on the top of the house quite comfortably. 

I used some scrap fabric on some Vialine Buckram and cut out two penguins and a Santa to stand in the front garden and finished it off with a felt Christmas tree.

The loved making this project because there wasn't really any plan. I could have probably done better in places but for a limited budget and time scale I think I did alright!

So as promised I have also posted the ribbon wreath tutorial, click here to read it. I have also made a mini present sack with card holder pocket, click here to read that. Both are really quick and simple, they will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit!

Also don't forget to come back on Sunday for 'the Ultimate Christmas gift guide!'
Merry Christmas