Monday, 1 December 2014

Mini Santa Sack and Card Holder Tutorial

Got lots of little stocking fillers to give to friends but want something different, need to make your budget restricted secret Santa present that little more special? Why not try this mini Santa sack with card holder- approx. final measurements 33cm x 22cm, pocket size 16.5cm square.

  • 50cm x 35cm of fabric for the main bag
  • 17.5cm square of contrasting fabric on panel piece for the pocket.
  • Short piece of ribbon to tie around top- will depend on it you want to do a bow or not, how long you want the tails etc., but 50cm should do.
You should use roughly a 1/4" seam allowance throughout, however this is only approximate and is all down to personal preference- as long as you are somewhat consistent throughout the project.

Step 1:
Take your main fabric piece and hem one of the longer raw edges. My fabric had a selvedge on it so I just turned that over, pressed and sewed, if you don't have a selvedge turn over approx. 1cm iron and sew down in matching thread to the fabric. 

Step 2:
Hem the top of your pocket. I turned over about 0.5cm and sewed it down. If you are using a panel piece you may find that there is a border that you can use as a guide and turn over the border for you hem.

Step 3:
Press the turn overs on the three other sides of your pocket, the turn over should be the same as the hem for the top of the pocket.

Step 4:
Press the main fabric in half, find the centre and pick a side for your pocket. Centre the pocket about 8cm from the bottom. Pin down and sew round the edge of the pocket in matching thread (or try a contrasting colour with a decorative stitch?)  

Step 5:
Fold the fabric right side to right side and sew the remaining long side and the bottom side closed. Trim off the corners without cutting the stitches then right out the right way.

Step 6:
We are nearly done, just press your bag, fill it will goodies, gather the remaining fabric at the top and tie with a thin ribbon. Slip a card into the pocket and you are good to go!

These little bags would work perfectly for Christmas Dinner parties as part of the place setting or as gifts for friends from the office. But wait there's more: change the fabric and you could make a present sack for any occasion, be it a Birthday, Easter or even a bride to be! 

Don't forget to come back next Sunday for 'the Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide'

Claudia x