Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Christmas Gift Guide! 2014- 21 Gift Ideas for everyone!

There's only 2 Saturdays left until Christmas, that's not much shopping time. You have probably got the Children something as they will have told you hat they want, the best friend because you know exactly what they like, but there are all the other friends that you don't know what to do when shopping for them. But never fear I have drawn up a pictures only list of 21 items for 21 different personalities, the prices of each range but they are all under £50 ... if anything catches your eye just click the picture to find where you can buy it!

1)The one who loves the gym (sometimes!) 

2) The City Girl

3) The Classy Magpie 

5) The Singing Gardener 

6) The Pharrell wannabe 

7)The one who's desperate to travel 

8) The one connected to home 

9)The Sweet tooth who everyone buys chocolate for

10) The New Mum/ Dad who needs some extra help

11)The one who is going travelling... a lot!

12)The Handy Man

13)The One who can't live without their phone

14) The one who enjoys a cocktail 

15)The one that likes to make a statement

16)The one who isn't too keen on making a statement

17)The one that likes to wrap up warm

18) The embarrassing Dad

19)The Manly office worker 

20) The one with a quirky kitchen 

21)The one with a dog and a sense of humor!

Well I hope you enjoyed that and that I got a good enough mix of serious and silly presents. What Christmas present are you looking forward to giving this year, tweet me @ClaudiaEnjoyTod with a picture of the gift- I would love to see what your ideas are!

Happy Christmas Shopping!
Claudia x

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