Friday, 12 December 2014

DIY Christmas Pocket Top

Hello There,
I have been tossing and turning about buying a Christmas jumper, there are so many cute ones out there but i decided that the expense isn't worth it for something you only wear on the odd few days. I have spotted a few Christmas tops around but I haven't found any that I like so here is my inexpensive not to the festive season.

You will need: 

  • Plain white t-shit which you like the fit of
  • Scrap of Christmas themed fabric 
  • fabric and paper scissors
  • pen and a scrap of paper
  • sewing machine or needle 
  • matching thread to your fabric
  • sewing pins
  • Iron
1) Draw a pocket shape onto the paper. It can be whatever size or shape you like, make sure you add 1cm to each side to make room for seam allowance.

2) Cut out your paper pocket and pin it on to your fabric, ensure that the pattern on the fabric is in the direction you want. Once that's done cut out the fabric.

3)Fold over and pin down a small seam allowance all the way around the fabric pocket, it should be about 0.5cm.

4) Press all the folded side with the iron so that they lay flat to make it easy to work with.

5) Sew down the seam on the top of the pocket, I used a matching thread but a contrasting colour could look really good as well.

6) Pin the pocket to the top layer of the shirt on which ever side you like. If you are unsure about the placement of the pocket, put the top on and very carefully pin just one or two pins on the fabric and the top. Carefully take off the top and pin the rest of the pocket down.

7) Nearly done now! All you have to do is sew down each of the pockets sides and onto the t-shit. Be sure that you catch the folded under seam.

And then you're done!

Personally I love the top because its not over powering. I know it isn't warm and cosy like a jumper but it would look great with a big cardigan.

If you make this top I would love to see it! Still love your Christmas Jumper? I would love to see that too! Tweet me @ClaudiaEnjoyTod. 

See you next time!
Claudia x

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