Thursday, 13 November 2014

10 Things Criminal Minds has taught me

Happy Friday Everybody

Today I was hoping to do a post on how to make the ribbon wreath that I posted on Sunday but the shop is waiting on an order of some of the ribbons I need so it will have to wait. In a panic, with nothing to write in its place I browsed pintrest for ideas and I came across this post from Kay at The best of intentions blog on '36 of the best blog post ideas ever'. I loved the whole list, so don't be suprised if I make a few more posts that refer back to it in the future.

For today's post I opted for number 26: The top 10 things I have learnt from Criminal Minds. I got so excited, I have found someone who loves the show as much as I do. Just as Kay says in her post, I could probably write 25 but I thought I would streamline it a bit. I could go on and on about all the fancy definitions that Spencer has taught me but I have added some more meaningful ones as well, so without further ado lets get on with the top 10!

10) Entomophobia is the irrational fear of insects and the fear of becoming infested. Thank you Dr Reid! Got to throw one of his random little facts in there, he has so many of them that I quite regularly forget them but this was from Monday's episode so it hasn't left my mind yet.
The Geek that you can't help but love!

9) Zugzwang is a chess term. I had never even herd of the term until this saga in series 8 began, I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing.

8) America suddenly feels a whole lot smaller when you have a private jet! Its like Washington for breakfast and lunch in California... oh and the odd serial killer and psychopath thrown in between.

7)LDSK stands for long distance serial killer, you don't use the term sniper anymore. Honestly I don't know if this is true but it is correct in the criminal minds world so that's good enough for me.

6)A PHD is worth the work when you get to correct someone who doesn't call you Doctor!
You Said it Dr Reid!

5)A small intimate wedding is exactly what I want one day. I don't think it gets better than JJs wedding!

4) When you are struggling the only thing you can do is give it a try, it might just work out the best example of this has to be when Emily saves Will from blowing up by getting the right combination. 

Just helping out a friend
3) Halloween is serious is America, I was aware of this but I had to include little Henry and Jack dressed up as their favorite superheros. 

2) Never trust a group of girls who say they are only going out for a few hours! I knew this already but this bit makes me laugh every time. 

Reid: Whoo! Whoo! A couple hours. A couple hours. You guys didn’t come home till sunrise.   JJ: Why are you yelling?  Prentiss: Make him stop!   Criminal Minds

Criminal minds - I loved drunk jj Prentiss and Garcia it was amazing!!! I love anytime we see them out of work like when they went shopping and Garcia brought Henry the leather jacket it was amazing!!

1) Nothing is stronger than the love between a parent and a child. No matter where they are. 
Story from criminal minds that JJ read to her son over the phone.
JJ reads it to Henry over the phone

So that's it, all 10. Do you love criminal minds as much as I do? If you do answer this question in the comments:
What is you're favorite moment and what is one thing that you have learnt from all 10 series?

Enjoy the weekend everybody!