Sunday, 9 November 2014

Christmas is coming: Sunday Post

Hello Everybody!

Now I know that we have only just got in to November but we are all secretly preparing for Christmas.
This year me and my sister wanted to go all out with the decorating and we wanted to go handmade. Today we completed the first installment of decorations ( a bit early but we just couldn't wait).

We are going for a multi-coloured Christmas theme, just to be different. So we headed to the fabric shop I work for and brought a selection of 6 different Christmas fabrics to make bunting from (work in progress pictures to follow), we matched the colours up to 8 different ribbons for the wreath.

I will be doing a more detailed set of instructions as we have 2 more to make but for now I can tell you that to make this wreath it took:
  • 3m of 8 different, thick ribbons, cut into strips of 10cm-15cm.  
  • a piece of wire to make the hoop (ours was about 90cm)
  • Basic cotton thread 
  • 8 bells ( so that the door jingles when you open it)
  • A hair tie ( easiest way to hang it)
We love our wreath so much that we are making one more exactly the same for my door and a small one for the bathroom, so prepare for more wreaths to come. 

The wreath was so simple to make and it gave me and my sister some lovely bonding time while we sat in bed tying and cutting ribbon and watching all the Christmas episodes from the Friends box set!

Also on our list of things to make is bunting (as I mentioned earlier) and we will be hanging a mixed colour of baubles from the ceiling with fairy lights weaving between them. 

Of course I will be keeping you up to date on our slightly alternative Christmas as we keep decorating. 

Happy Sunday everyone

Claudia x

Mama and More