Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Looking Forward: Quote of the Week

Over the past few months I have had to leave a lot behind, even without going to university. I have had to leave school, let my friends go and let my free time go as I step into the real working world.
There's no two ways about it, it has been a shock but I am beginning to settle in.

Over the weekend I saw one of my close friends as she had come back from university for the weekend. It was lovely to see her, we spoke about what we have been getting up to and about meeting up over Christmas with everyone. We were just as close as we were when she left and it was as if she had never gone. I doubt I will stay close to all my friends but there are a handful that I hope to.

But knowing that I always have those close friends has given me the confidence to go out and grab more opportunities that are not related to my old life.

I'm starting off small with co-hosting the Wake Up Wednesday Link Party; I would love to get in touch with more bloggers and co-host more link ups. I might even go on to co-host my own.

In the long run I want to achieve more with this strange gap year I am in. I would love to start learning Mandarin before I take it on at university so I need to find some classes for that. I also want to find some fitness classes, yoga aerobics etc, to go along to.

In the past I would have never joined a group or a class alone but I am my own person and if I want to do something I just have to go for it

So with this wonderful quote from the great writer C.S.Lewis, I will look to the future and enjoy what is to come.

Claudia x