Monday, 17 November 2014

I Run Like A Girl- I'm Proud of It!

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You may have herd about the Always TV ad that went viral this week (if you haven't it is at the bottom of this post). It is a brilliantly made video about how 'like a girl' is considered to be an insult and then begins to attempt to reclaim the phrase and change its meaning.

I don't have particularly strong feelings when it comes to feminism but this advert made me stand up and listen. The part that really caught my attention was when the older girls where asked to 'run like a girl'. They all did this strange, ditsy, skip of a run, which is probably what I would have done too. But then they turned it all on its head and got much younger girls (pre-teen) to 'run like a girl' and their reaction was to sprint as fast as their legs could carry them.

When did we lose that, when do we lose the belief that we are strong and powerful as women and we can do anything we want, being a girl is not holding us back.

On my regular run I was thinking about the advert, it made me run that little bit faster than normal because I knew I was capable of it. The fact is that 'run like a girl' to me means running like myself, it means not stopping as the miles pass, it means feeling the power from within it means not giving up and then taking it to the next level by sprinting the last quarter of a mile.

To run like a girl is to run like anyone else one the planet, because as the advert says 'why can't running like a girl also mean winning the race'!

But 'like a girl' applies to everything in life, from work to social life, to running and other exercise and everything else in between. We women should do everything 'like a girl' because that is what we are, we are powerful, strong, possibly world changing human beings.

So next time says you do anything 'like a girl' say thanks for the compliment, because we are incredible beings we can do anything we set our minds to. No one can stand in a woman's way if she beliefs in herself.

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