Monday, 27 October 2014

A Little Trip to London: Sunday post

Hello there,

Firstly, I'm sorry all my posts have been delayed by a few days, not only have I been very busy but I also haven't been feeling great, whenever I get home I have just fallen straight to sleep. However I promise that by the end of Monday night all my missed posts will be uploaded, and of course I will be linking up with #Allaboutyou on Mama- and more as usual.

It's been a pretty hectic weekend; Friday I went on a make-up shopping mission (haul post coming soon), Saturday I went Wedding dress shopping for my Mum and on Sunday we went on a family outing to Camden and to see the poppies at the Tower of London.
I thought I would just give you the overview of the London trip.

So at about half 10 we all packed into the car, 5 of us in to our tiny little car. It took a few attempts to get us all in but eventually we did and because I have the longest legs I got the most comfortable seat in the front! Our first stop was to be Camden Market; I love Camden, but I was not so sure if my Grandma would. She is quite a classy, sweet as can be, little old lady and prefers to see London from the inside of nice restaurants; I didn't expect the unique, hipster end of London would go down all that well.
Camden Market,
Looking down from the bridge 

When we arrived it looked like I was going to be proven right; we had gone straight into the middle of the market and Grandma looked slightly overwhelmed. However she settled into it all amazingly well, she was laughing at all the funny signs and fridge magnets and admiring the paintings.

We got out into the open air and passed the Chinese food stall where you can get a box of anything they have to offer for just £4 each! Now that's why I come to Camden- the food all over the market it amazing, the seating opportunities are a bit lacking but the food is worth it.
My Mum felt the need to get my Grandma into a pub or something like that, but after some discussion we all decided that it was silly to come all the way to Camden just to sit inside a pub. So we grabbed a few seats and I took my Grandma to get some Chinese; she also gave my Sister £20 for her Lunch, my Grandma was in shock when she came back with a piece of Pizza the size of her head for just £1.90. She was pretty happy to spend some money after discovering that she could buy everyone the food they wanted for less than £20.

After lunch we headed up stairs where it is quieter and has a few actual shops. Lydia, as usual was drawn to the Indian themed store.After a bit of wondering she decided to get a fabric woven rug in all different colours and a set of inscents, now our whole house smells of that shop because she has been burning them. I passed the natural beauty stall a few times before finally deciding to buy an all natural solid shampoo bar (verdict coming soon).

Our two hours parking was up so we jumped back into the car and made our way to St Katherine's Dock. The 7 mile drive took nearly an hour thanks to one lane being closed at the docks for road works (where no one was working). The closure was only about 3 meters long but that traffic was backed up all the way to Camden!

When we finally got there I was in shock, I have been to London many times but I have never seen the Tower of London or Tower Bridge or been to St Katherine's Dock. I had no idea what the Tower looked like, I most certainly wasn't expecting such a castle.

But the real breath taking moment was the poppies in the moat, a sight to behold on its own but when you remember that each one is a life, each one is a devastated family, it really hits home. My poor Grandma was moved to tears quite a few time, bless her.

There was a really special atmosphere, the crowds where insane and you would expect to see people trying to sell tourist junk, but the only people asking for money where 4 volunteers for the Poppy Appeal. It made for a truly respectful tribute to those who fell in World War One.

If you get the chance to be in London between now and the 11th November you have to go to see the poppies in the moat.

It was starting to get dark 4:30pm so we dived into The Slug and Lettuce for a quick drink before heading home, we also grabbed some snacks from Starbucks, I basically ordered one of each from the sweets counter which did the job.

I had a fantastic day out and It was lovely to spend some quality time with my family.

Claudia x

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