Monday, 13 October 2014

Quote of the week

Hello There!

 I decided that this week I would make more of a deal out of the 'Quote of the week' and link it to the Mama- and More #Allaboutyou link party.

This week's quote comes from Albert Einstein because it is really helping me through my time at college and I wanted to share it's power with you all.

At the moment I am studying IT as part of an apprenticeship scheme, but the problem is that apart from blogging, I'm not really interested in IT. The course is highly technical which is not my thing, I prefer humanities and academic arts subjects like history and politics which I will be studying at University next year.

I keep getting stuck in a rut and thinking that I am stupid as everyone else can understand the course but I really struggle to grasp all the different concepts. It takes me a lot longer to finish assignments and I often get them handed back to me to do again which is a horrible feeling.

However finding this Einstein quote has cheered me up by reminding me that you don't have to know everything to be a intelligent and just because I have issues with IT doesn't mean I am not going to do well at University where I am studying a completely different subject. I'm like the fish, I'm failing to climb the tree but if you put me back in the water I can swim for miles.

Just as Einstein says, everyone is a genius but we aren't all knowledgeable in the same subjects. We are all unique, we have our own tastes, preferences and ways of learning. Therefore we should never feel down beat because we can't grasp a concept or master a skill, we all still have something amazing to offer that is individual to us. We should celebrate our skills and share them with each other, it's what makes humanity so interesting.

Short and sweet but it all had to be said.
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Claudia x
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