Friday, 17 October 2014

Capsule Wardrobe: De-clutter and planning

Hello there!

For many years now I have have a strong belief that less being more, this has lead me to a fascination with capsule wardrobes. This time last year I cut down my wardrobe from over 80 items to just 25 in a bid to get my capsule wardrobe. However this didn't last long as there was no planning and I never went shopping properly for new pieces that would create the perfect mix and max wardrobe.
So now that a year has passed, I am once again on a mission to build a capsule wardrobe but this time I am taking it seriously. I know exactly what I want to have in my wardrobe, but before I make my shopping list I need to know whats in my wardrobe. 

Step 1- Get some space
My wardrobe is a little cupboard with a clothes rail so I just dragged it out and into my bedroom. I also cleared my bed so I have plenty of space to lay everything out.
My wardrobe before it is decluttered

Step 2- Start sorting

If you are going to dramatically reduce your wardrobe you have to be ruthless. I kept telling myself that they are only clothes, they just take up space if I don't wear them. My original plan was to only keep things that I was going to have in my new wardrobe, however some things I want to replace and update so I kept those as otherwise I would have nothing to wear until I went shopping. But I will get rid pf them once their replacements turn up.

I made 3 piles: one for my summer clothes that I will box up and deal with next spring (bottom left), one for clothes that I want to keep for lazy days but will now be living with my PJs (bottom right), and a pile for all the clothes that I am going to get rid of (top right).

If you are wondering about the Captain American top, its my sisters that I need to give back to her.

Step 3- Get rid of clothes
There is no point deciding what you don't want if you then don't make sure they leave the house.
My first point of call was my Sister, I got her to go through everything and decide what she wanted to keep.
The rest we bagged up, the brown bag on the left is for my summer clothes and the Ikea bag has got all the clothes that will be leaving.

To get rid of them I will be splitting this bag into two. Most of it will become part of a closet sale that I will be holding on Ebay, any money I make from it can go towards updating my wardrobe. The rest, plus anything that doesn't sell will go to a charity shop.

Step 4- Make a shopping list
Now all that is left in my wardrobe is my work uniform, some of my friends clothes that I need to give back to them and about 13 items of my own (not all of them are there as some were in the wash at the time)
Dramatic weight loss!
So now it is time to make a shopping list, the following list shows all the clothes that I want for my wardrobe, it can be made up of both the things I still have and stuff that I need go shopping for.

  • Black skinny Jeans
  • Light blue skinny Jeans
  • A pair of leggings
  • Black skater skirt
  • Black skater dress
  • Tight black dress
  • Two tees- grey and white
  • Two vest- black and white
  • 3 blouses- sleeves, half sleeves, sleeveless 
  • Plaid Shirt
  • Denim shirt
  • Two jumpers
  • Two cardigans 
  • A blazer

And that's it; apart from my work uniform, running kit and lounge wear that's all the clothes I wish to own.

So It has begun, I'll do an update once I have brought all the new clothes and I will start doing 'outfit of the day posts' so that you can see how I make a small wardrobe work!
I'm also going to go through my shoes and most of the other things I own to try and stream line everything, but that will come with time.

Thanks for reading, and in the comments tell me:
Whats the one Item of clothing that you couldn't live without?

Talk soon,
Claudia x
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