Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Marathon Challenge: Training Update

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In last week's link up party I talked about my Marathon challenge so, along with my Quote of the week post, I thought I would do a quick update on my training. If you didn't see last weeks post explaining the challenge click here to read it

This weekend I reached 5 weeks of training which also means I have completed the first 5k stage. I am very proud of myself for sticking with the running come rain or shine; the rain was insane yesterday but I still went out and happily ran 2.2 miles.  

However, the running has been harder than I thought so I need to look a head and up my game. Although I have been going out on all the planned runs I have quite often skipped out on the Pilates and yoga. So here are my five goals for my next 5 weeks of training. 

1)Keep up with the running- it will improve but you mustn't give up!

2)Go to a group yoga class- I have been inspired my the YogaMamaZee yoga series on Mama-and More. I have now found some early morning yoga classes which look like a great way to start the day.

3)Start a squat challenge routine- they are all over pintrest and squats are said to be the best move a runner can do as they build up the muscles in your legs. I used to do loads of them and they definitely work.

4)Take more care of my body- I have been getting a lot of aches and pains while running so I need to take more time when stretching, cooling down and warming up.

5)Get back on the blogilaties hype- I used to love blogilaties but I have recently been avoiding it. I need to try some of her more basic videos to get back in the mood. If you don't know what blogilaties is check her out on youtube.

That's my plan, now I just have to do it!
Have a beautiful day.
Claudia x